Please Send Summer

Thursday, May 9th, 2019

Okay Colorado, we need to have a talk. I have lived here for 26 years and I have never said a bad word about you.  I have never grown tired of your weather.  I love that it can snow in September and that it can also be 65 in January.  I even love your occasional epic April snowstorm. I love it because we have over 300 days of sunshine and who can argue with that?

I know the rules when it comes to spring…we don’t have one. We go from winter with lots of sunny, warm days right into summer.  Now, when summer begins is always a guessing game.  It could be around mid-May or it could be mid-June.  Let’s just say swim lessons in early June are not for the faint of heart.
We know we can’t plant flowers or bring out the lawn furniture until Mother’s Day. Every year I wonder if MAYBE we are done in April, but you can’t be fooled by Mother Nature. I have watched many a neighbor over the years plant flowers in early May only to have them destroyed by the cold and snow.

In 26 years though I don’t remember this LONG of a winter.

Okay, that one back in 2003 was a doozy. We were living in an apartment with three kids and a dog; a baby, a  kindergartener and second grader. We had a snow storm the week before spring break so that meant a 2-week break INSIDE with all the kids. That year we played on the snowy patio for entertainment.


That was a rough winter.
As I was saying, this winter has been LONG. It has not been especially warm. It’s been sunny, but there have been way too many cold days. Way too many snow days.


I know, I know we live in Colorado so everyone things we should expect SNOW.
But that isn’t usually the case here on the front range. We have over 300 sunny days. Even when we have a blizzard it’s followed up by a sunny day.


It’s May 9th and I am beginning to wonder if it will ever be consistently warm again.  We get one or two days of warm sunshine and then we get hit with, oh I don’t know, a bomb cyclone!  I am just over it.


Yesterday, CU Boulder had their graduation ceremony and it looked like a November football game rather than the Spring Commencement! I mean the HIGH was 32 degrees.


Colorado, We have had enough!


We are ready for Blue skies and balmy sunshine.


To  make matters worse I have had two occasions this week where my family have lamented about how HOT it is where they are. It’s really hard to find any sympathy for 85 or 90 degrees when it’s SNOWING outside. I would give away my new lounge chair for that kind of weather. I mean it’s covered in snow right now anyway and the forecast isn’t promising.

Mother’s Day is Sunday and every year that means planting flowers.  The low is going to be 35.  We may be postponing our planting until Father’s Day this year.

Colorado, we love you, but please send summer soon.


Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

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