Personal Shopper


So, it turns out that I have a personal shopper.  It’s kind of like having a Secret Santa except that I actually have to pay for my “gifts.”
You see, my personal shopper happens to be my middle daughter who works at Nordstrom.  She prefers the term “stylist” but I prefer personal shopper because she usually is just shopping for me so I don’t have to leave my house.

I know you are sitting there thinking about how awesome it would be to have a personal shopper and it is, but it will cost you.  It’s a little like going to Target for a gallon of milk and leaving with a cart full of items that you didn’t even know you needed until you saw it displayed so beautifully.
This is how it usually works:  I mention needing something like a sports bra or running tights and my middle daughter always knows exactly the “one” I need and it’s always available at Nordstrom.  She makes it so easy.  She sends me a photo of the item I have mentioned needing and she tells me she will have it shipped right to my door.  Super easy.  I don’t even  have to give her my credit card because she has it on file at Nordstrom from the last time I shopped with her.  Apparently, I am one of her “clients” now.

This weekend, I mentioned needing a specific item that I knew she had a Nordstrom and asked if she would ship it to me.  The next thing I knew I was getting a FaceTime call from her.  She had an assortment of similar items that she thought I might like sitting in an actual dressing room as if I was there shopping.  She described everything in detail and told me why I needed it.

Three calls later, and I don’t know how much money, she was shopping for me in two other departments.  She knows me well, which is the key to personal shopping.  She was like a little elf running around Nordstrom shopping for her mama out of the goodness of her heart.  Okay, she does LOVE to shop for anyone who will let her, but there is also that little thing called commission that doesn’t hurt either.

At the end of it all I purchased a sweater, several shirts, pjs and to be honest, I didn’t even get the sports bra!  She redirected me to Target because she thought I could get a better deal.  She’s a thoughtful little shopper! I’m not sure that I actually got any deals, but I do love that it will all show up on my door step in few days!


Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

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