Scarlet & Gray


This weekend I endured, along with you, the absolute beating that OSU received by Purdue.  It wasn’t pretty and I know most of us would like to pretend it never happened.  However, forgetting is a luxury that will not happen in my house for perhaps years to come.

You see, my hubby is a Boilermaker.  It’s been somewhat of an embarrassment to me for the last 25 years, but the fact that we typically crush them makes up for the humiliation.

I realize I don’t live amongst many fellow Buckeyes out here in Colorado, but I am faithful nevertheless.  Regardless of the occasional loss, scandal or otherwise, I stand by my team. This year, it’s been exceptionally difficult though.  My so-called, “friends” and hubby have banded together to ridicule my team every chance they get.  In fact, I can’t even make a simple, friendly wager anymore.  They don’t care about a “W.” They will only bet me on the spread.  In fact, I lost a bet on the TCU game by a lousy half point!  This isn’t Vegas “friends!”  What happened to a good old-fashioned win without all the fancy math to go along with it?

Back to the weekend and the game that nobody wants to talk about east of West Lafayette.  So, there I was just enjoying the beautiful, fall day in the mountains when I started getting harassed by one of my so-called friends.  A random text that read:

7-3 Purdue.  The beginning of the end.


I chuckled and remained confident because we all know that OSU is a 4th quarter team.  What transpired over the next 2 1/2 quarters wasn’t funny though nor were the incessant ramblings of this retired Air Force Colonel “friend” of mine.


For roughly 3 hours I received text messages about incomplete passes, interceptions, Purdue touchdowns, and OSU shutdowns culminating in this witty little piece of poetry:


Compliments of Mike L.

My hubby alternated between giddy laughter and delirium. Who can blame him though?  He probably thought he was in the twilight zone because he isn’t used to Purdue knowing what to do with a football.

My so-called friend though…I mean I guess I can kind of understand his joy in watching another team go down.  Being an Air Force Academy grad he has endured a lot of humiliation while watching his team go up in flames week after week.  Talk about embarrassing.

Don’t worry though, I will be back next week sporting whatever color I am forced to wear due to a lost bet, because under it all, I still bleed scarlet and gray.  Go Bucks!

My hubby on the other hand has a certain glow about him.  I guess sleeping on the couch agrees with him.

Sunshine &  Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

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