Too much or Too Little?

Last night, I went to see Lauren Daigle in concert. It was part Reggae, Revival and Motown and I enjoyed it immensely.
I have been making it a personal project of mine to have more fun, to seek out good things and then take time, as Neuroscientist Rick Hanson suggests, to “savor it.”

While at the concert, way before it was over, I noticed something I see frequently – people started to leave. It’s not because the show was bad, it’s well, I am not sure why. I see it all the time. People leave before the encore, they leave after they hear the one song they love. But for whatever the variety of reasons the result is the same. They leave early.

I know maybe you have an early start the next day. You’re trying to beat the traffic. You’re tired. I am sure there are reasons and some of them are legitimate. But I always wonder, if the 30 or 40 minutes you save are worth it?

Is it worth it to miss a great encore performance? Is it worth it to get an extra 20 minutes of sleep? I am all for sleep. I am a fan of sleep but the few times a year I attend a concert I am 100% willing to sleep a little less for the experience.

I have never once lost some sleep due to an amazing show or adventure and thought, boy I wish I had stayed home and gotten to bed early. Of course, the next day I drag a little and I am happy to be in bed by 9 p.m. the following evening but it’s always worth it.

As the Bon Jovi song says, “I’ll sleep when I’m dead.”

All of this reminded me of a passage in a book I have been reading on breathing and how important it is for stress relief. It says, “We begin to see that we are choosing how much or how little we allow into our life.”

That sentence really got my attention. We CHOOSE how much or how little we ALLOW. That means we choose how much fun, joy, excitement, hope, appreciation; as well as sadness, grief, fear and regret. That is powerful to think about and I am sure it will be on my mind for days to come.

Which brings me back to leaving early. It seems like such a small thing and you may ask, why do I care? That’s a fair question and I don’t have an answer but what I am sure of is that if I am choosing how much or how little I allow to pass the gates into my life then I am swinging the door open a little wider each day. It takes practice learning to open your door with wild abandon if you haven’t lived like that before. And while I am not an early-leaver of concerts, I am sure that I have blocked goodness from my life unwittingly before. I am sure that in my effort to avoid discomfort I have held life at arms’ length. I am sure that I have let in too little happiness and at times way too much stress.

We have to let it ALL in. The joy and the woe, as William Blake is famous for saying, they are woven fine. We can’t have the amazing without also being willing to take in the pain. Life is about feeling things fully, both good and bad, but letting them come and letting them go. If we hang on too tightly to either they elude us.

How much or how little? Your choice.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

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