I admit it.  I blinked and now it’s October!  I honestly don’t know how we got here because it was just July and the summer was still spread out before us like a perfect picnic.  Yes, I know that school has been back in session for nearly two months, the fall sports season has been in full swing for weeks, and if that wasn’t enough, Christmas has appeared in most of the retail stores.  I went grocery shopping the other day and I got so confused that I didn’t know whether to buy a pumpkin or a giant glittery reindeer for my front yard!  For the record, I passed on both and stuck to my list, but it made me realize that if I don’t make some quick decisions on Halloween candy I will be passing out Valentine hearts for trick or treat.

Besides summer, which boasts vacation time with my family, October through December is my favorite time of the year.  I don’t want to rush through the season and wake up and find out it’s the middle of January.  I mean, who doesn’t loathe the middle of January?  Everything is over at that point and we just have to muddle through months of indecisive weather waiting for summer to fall into our laps again.

So, as I was saying, it’s OCTOBER and it’s time to enjoy these crisp, fall days that are upon us. Get outside and enjoy the warm breeze, let the sun shine on your face and soak up that vitamin D.  Cook up a fire and make some s’mores, enjoy a glass of wine on the patio because we could wake up any day with a blanket of snow.

Don’t let October pass you by.  Be present for all that October has in store for you.  Go tailgating, watch some football (outside), drink some hot chocolate, watch the season change before your eyes and don’t get too hung up on the pumpkins and reindeer taunting you.

There is plenty of time.

Okay, maybe get some Halloween candy and those Thanksgiving plates you really like because they will be gone before you know it and then get back outside and take a hike!

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

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