Teens, Parents and Movies

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Every week we ask our 16-year-old if she wants to do anything… with us, her parents.  The reaction we get ranges anywhere from eye rolling to just flat-out, “no!”  She doesn’t make any excuses, she just thinks it embarrassing to go anywhere with her parents alone.

End of story. Stop asking.

Last week was Labor Day weekend and we stayed home hanging out and doing yard work.  Reese had a miserable cold and really wasn’t feeling up to anything. On Sunday evening she was beginning to feel a little more human and I don’t know if it was the cold medicine or if she finally just took pity on us, but she agreed to go to the movies with us.  We were so stunned that we immediately got online and decided to go to the newer theater that has recliners.  Andy checked the times and told us it started at 7:45.  We all agreed on the time, but for some reason he didn’t purchase the tickets until later.

Several hours went by and we encouraged him to go ahead and buy the tickets while we went to run some errands.  When we returned he told us the movie started at 7:30.  We questioned him, but he said the other time was for a different theater.

Our daughter let us know the appropriate time in which we could leave for the 7:30 movie and have just enough time to purchase snacks and get into the dark theater unnoticed.

Upon arriving the nice young man scanned our printed tickets while we started discussing snacks.  It became evident when he scanned our tickets again that there was a problem.  He rubbed his chin, started looking at his computer and then said, “umm, you bought tickets for the 7:30 show…in Albuquerque.” I can barely type this without laughing out loud because my super techie hubby managed to click on not just the wrong theater, but one that wasn’t even in our state!  The nice young man told us he could fix it while Reese started to fidget and scan the lobby for anyone she knew.  He then turned his computer screen around and asked me where we would like to sit.  The screen was full of empty chairs, so I started touching the ones we wanted to select.  Nothing happened and then Reese yelled, “oh…my…gosh….MOM IT SAYS RIGHT THERE IT IS NOT A TOUCH SCREEN!”  Reese calmly told the nice man which seats we wanted while a line began to form behind us.

Trying to move on quickly, I asked Andy what size popcorn he wanted.  He said large and then the guy picked up a bag.

“Oh no, what size is the bucket?”


“That’s not listed as a size, it’s just called a tub.”


At this point Reese was ready to bolt so I just said we would take the “tub” and I was ready to pay.  Andy, however, wanted to browse the candy section for a few more moments.  He squatted down so he could take a closer look and Reese lost it.
“Dad, there are people behind us.  We need to pick something and go!”

He decided that was too much pressure and declined to get any candy at that time.  We paid and then realized that we had a lot of extra time because the movie actually started at 7:45.  So, we went and sat down at a table to kill some time before the movie began.  As soon as we sat down she said,
“you guys are ridiculous.  I am never going to the movies with you again.”  


I don’t think she meant it though.  I might see if she wants to go bowling this weekend.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

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