Christmas in July?



I saw a commercial the other day advertising a “Christmas in July” sale.  I don’t remember what the sale was for, but it did get me thinking.  I contemplated  how amazing it would be if I started planning for my holidays right now!  Before you click delete or unsubscribe to our blog, hear me out.  I am not talking about getting a head start on shopping or planning where to put my tree.  I am talking about proactively thinking about where we want to be physically, mentally and spiritually in 5 months. I don’t know about you, but I am tired of getting to Black Friday and feeling overwhelmed by my lack of planning let alone worrying whether my jeans will still fit come January 1st.


This year I have decided to plan the next 5 months in such a way that by the time I get to December I have my arms wide open and I’m ready to embrace whatever December throws my way.  Okay, maybe not anything, but the usual stuff.


So, what is my plan?  Well, I told you earlier this week that I started a new workout program and I am finished with week 3 which feels great.  I am being more consistent about walking 3 miles each day and I have also committed to running some of those miles. Now I have to get serious about what I am actually eating or NOT eating to be more specific.  I love sweets, so those need to be mostly gone.  I don’t want to say I’ll go cold turkey because…well, I don’t want to.  I will be smart though and eat mostly protein and veggies.  I will eat 5 meals per day  because that is what works for me and keeps me from making cookies in the afternoon when I am stressed out about something else. Oh, and I will continue to drink what feels like gallons of water each day.


Now, onto my sanity. Keeping a printed calendar keeps me sane.  I just have to be able to see the whole month laid out before me.  It drives my hubby INSANE because he is a techie and he ALWAYS uses his phone or laptop to keep everything in check.  He even sifts through all of his email inbox, including the junk folder, EVERY SINGLE DAY.  I currently have 3,119 emails…
I strive to be that organized, but clearly striving is not enough. I also must have a hand written list of things to do.  My hubby’s list is on his phone.  He now shares his list with me via notes. The only thing I use my “NOTES” app for is typing down thoughts about a blog idea when I don’t have access to paper.  Now, I currently have notes from Andy jumbled in with blog ideas so it’s possible next week’s blog will be our contractor’s to do list!  It’s very confusing.  Just mail me a letter with your requests and I will be sure to write it down on my printed calendar.


Anyway, in order to keep the sanity over these next few months I have to plan my days, weeks and months; this includes coaching clients (which I actually keep in my phone as well so it can alert me), school events, games, travel and anything else pertinent to my day to day life.  It’s not just about writing these things down though.  It’s about seeing the weeks ahead of time and preparing.  I already know I have two weeks in August that are going to be a little crazy.  Okay, let’s face it, August is NUTS for everyone.  July 31st is the start of things back to school and it’s BUSY!  By looking ahead and seeing the crazy laid before me and I can make two choices.  I can choose to tread water (which I excel at) or I can  plan ahead.  This year I choose to plan ahead which is why I am writing blogs for August, school shopping early and I bought airline tickets months ago rather than two weeks before.


G is out of town this week, but when she gets back she better get her notebook ready because we are planning out the rest of the year.  In fairness, we usually plan the year out, but these last 12 months have been a little more challenging. I would say we have been flying by the seat of our pants a little more than usual, but that’s over.  It’s time to be proactive.


Last, but not least I mentioned the spirituality piece.   For me, spirituality is about my relationship to God, how I acknowledge His presence in my life and how that impacts my day to day living.  To be clear, treading water is NOT spiritual.  Planning my life helps the mind, body and spirit.
The church has been a large component of my spirituality most of my life.  If I am honest, I haven’t been that interested in church the last few years for many reasons.  I miss parts of it, but not all of it.  Some day I may go back. I am still working on how I want the complete picture of spirituality to look in my life, but for now I am content to say it’s about grace, compassion, empathy, kindness and love; all things we need in our lives.


So, this is my Christmas in July plan. I know some of you are serious planners and you already have Christmas 2018 covered.  If so, show me your ways.  After all, December is just around the corner!


Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

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