Life Lesson: Say Yes



Yesterday, I watched as my dog looked around the family room for a comfortable place to land.  This is a normal routine after we walk and she has had a nice long drink of cool water.  Most of the time she jumps up on the sofa and paws at the pillows until she turns them into a perfect little nest.  I had opened the blinds in the office to let the sun shine in and she spotted it. She curled up in the warm sunlight that was focused on a small patch of the carpet.

As I watched this little dance unfold I thought about how simple her life is.  She eats, she gets her exercise, and then she seeks a warm, comfortable place to sleep for the next 6 hours.  What struck me was that she didn’t appear to look back at Samson and wonder if he would like the patch of sun,  question whether she deserved it, or how long was okay to soak it up.  She found it, she wanted to be there and she laid there idle for the rest of the  morning. Now granted she doesn’t have anywhere she needs to be or anyone she is responsible for, she’s a dog.  But still…When do we seek out what would feel warm, inviting, comfortable and soothing without weighing our productivity against it?  Or if we are worthy?  Or if someone else would want the spot?  When was the last time you practiced any self-care for the sake of how it felt or if you needed it?  I walk everyday and I workout for the sake of being NOT FAT and having some semblance of health, but actual soothing self-care?  Andy and I had a couples massage in July last year…it was wonderful and it was for the sake of relaxation and nothing else. Since then?  I mean, I take a bath almost every night and read and I can say that is purely for my own sanity.  It’s probably the only thing I do that I don’t weigh against a list of other things to determine if I am worthy.

What would happen if you peeked outside and saw a spot of sun and you took 15 minutes to go sit in it?  What would happen if you started a little fire in the fire pit tonight and you sat by it with a blanket and just watched the fire burn for an hour?  What would happen if you pulled your chair a little closer to the window so you could feel the breeze on your face?  What would happen if you just said yes to something without immediately cross referencing it with the “con” column?

This weekend, say yes.  It doesn’t have to be something big. Curl up in the sun, take a walk in the woods, read outside in the grass, lay on a blanket and stare at the clouds, light a candle, have a glass of wine, or maybe you need a bottle, eat the dessert, take a bubble bath.  Do whatever feels warm, inviting, soothing, relaxing and brings you back to YOU this weekend.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

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