Thankful Thursday: Gratitude Groove


Today, is one of those days where the sun began shining in the window well before 6 am and I awoke to the birds chirping and a slight breeze outside.  I contemplated getting a head start to the day since I was awake.  Instead, I pulled the covers back and let the pup crawl in beside me to snuggle.

I’ve been feeling a lot of things lately, but gratitude has not been at the top of the list.  This morning it hit me that this lack of acknowledging my gratitude is probably why I have been feeling a little bit salty.  I can assure you there has been no reason for  my crankiness other than my own head.  I sometimes let stress get the best of me and it can lead me down an empty rabbit hole.  Once there, I keep digging trying to find the light when what I really need to do is turn around and go back the way I came in.

This morning, as the sun was shining in, I looked over and saw my sleeping 16-year-old (she always sleeps with me when the hubby is out of town), my pups were stretching and yawning and I instantly felt gratitude for the moment.  Yes, I did think about getting up, but laying there in the quiet turned out to be a far better decision.  It turns out that “getting a head start on the day” meant beginning the day in a mindset of peace and gratitude.  It’s been a while since I have done that.  Most mornings I just hit the snooze button 3 times and then force myself out of bed. Oh, what a difference this shift has made for me today.  I know we haven’t started 100 Days of Happiness and G and I haven’t even discussed if we will do it this summer, but I made a list this morning:

the sun is shining, I woke up an hour before my alarm went off, I am well rested, I had a great walk/talk with my neighbor, my hubby is on his way home from Austin, my laundry is done, I spoke to my older girls and they are happy and enjoying a day together and I worked out.

I don’t know what G and I will do this summer yet, but I do know it will involve photos, being outside and gratitude.

What do you think we should do to get back into our gratitude groove?

Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

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