Never Too Early or Too Late

Reese & Emma 2012

Occasionally, I look through the Notes section on my phone to find little nuggets I may have left for myself.  Deciphering those have proven to be challenging at times, but I still do it nonetheless.  Recently, as I browsed through my notes I came across a bucket list from July 2012.  As I began reading, it became quite clear that this was not my bucket list.  It belonged to my youngest daughter and the youngest daughter of one of my dearest friends, Mary Bryant (aka Speedy).  Reese was 10 years old and Emma was almost a teenager.  They typed out this bucket list on the eve of July 4th, 2012 clearly anticipating a very fun time in historic Georgetown, Colorado.

Now I can’t speak to everything on their list, but I can tell you that I witnessed their “Ellen Dancing.”  They would slide up behind someone at the 4th of July festivities and do a little dance unbeknownst to that person.  We all laughed so hard watching these girls dance behind unsuspecting strangers. There was also a lot of British accents, ice cream eating and riding past Sandra Dallas’ house.  For those of you who don’t know Sandra Dallas is a historical fiction author who happens to live part-time in Georgetown and I not-so-secretly love her books. I also love that these 10- and 12-year-old girls made a bucket list.  I love that they were making the most of their time together and didn’t want to miss anything.


Life was good during the summer of 2012, nobody had a care in the world, and our babies were all still living at home with us.  Six years later, my oldest girls live in Tennessee, Molly lives in Alabama, Emma is about 100 days out from graduation, and my little Reese’s Pieces is about to get her driver’s license.  Life has definitely changed in the last 6 years and it might be time for Mary and I to make our own bucket list.  Sure, we’ve hit a few highlights over the years: Vegas, a half marathon in the mountains, running 50 miles, and a friendship that has spanned over 20 years.  We are a little older, wiser and now that we know that Mary isn’t the only one with Irish blood coursing through her veins we have a lot of new things to catch up on.  So, let’s take a lesson form our girls and get going on our list.
Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

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