Thankful Thursday: Being an Aunt

If you follow along with any sort of regularity or you actually know me in real life, you’ve figured out, I don’t have children. It was a choice and, again, if you know me, you can attest, it was a good one 🙂

But I am an Aunt to four wild, wacky, zany and delightful nieces. And it’s a good time. I get all the goodness, love, fun, hilarity and joy with zero responsibility. I still worry about them, maybe not quite like a mom, but I have their best interests at heart. I would do anything for them and I revel in their successes and accomplishments.

And it’s a good gig. Just a couple of weeks ago one of my nieces turned 21. And as an Aunt it was perfectly OK for me to send, via Amazon, what I would term “hangover snacks.” Things like Gatorade, boxed mac and cheese, chips, fruit chews and other junk. As a mom, even if your kid is 21, you probably don’t feel the same freedom to send “hangover food.”

But I am well within my non-parental parameters to do just that. I don’t need to be keep that parental role of propriety because I’m not their mom. It’s joyous really.

I get to buy the ridiculous sequin-covered shoes because I don’t have to put the food in their mouths, clothe them daily, or send them to college. I get the fun. I get the love. I have the easy job.

Now it’s possible that they don’t find me as cool as I would hope they do but I try. I get the illusion of being cool when a friend of theirs once asked if I could be her “Aunt G” too. Well, of course, I said, “yes!” Everyone should have an Aunt G, in my not-so-humble opinion.

I try to send cinnamon rolls, random care packages, and stupid gifts that moms don’t buy because, as I mentioned, they are doing the caring for, cleaning up after, and carting around of said children.

I have no regrets and for those sinister folks who like to talk to me about my “eggs” and “who will care for me when I am old?
I have this to offer:

1. My eggs are just fine.

2. I am hoping that the nieces will come by the retirement home and bring their Aunt G a shot of vodka on occasion.

3. I don’t plan on getting old, just refined.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

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