Life Lesson: What Do You Want?

As you’ve probably figured out by now, Lowi and I have some people we admire either for how they write, what they stand for, how they are in the world or often, all of the above. Danielle LaPorte is one of those peeps. She writes with a wild abandon and a passion that I am not sure I’ve ever known or expressed. I am in awe and sometimes maybe a tiny bit envious (OK, a lot bit envious).

Recently, she was blogging about connecting to her tribe and wanting to find out how she could help. Since the Lowi & G tribe currently is about 4.5 people and one of them is Stevie Nicks, the dog, we won’t ask that question. The silence might be deafening. But if one of you happy followers want to chime in, we are happy to hear the answers if you have them.

But one of the questions she posed to her friends was: What do you love, crave, want?

It’s a great question but one of the answers I really enjoyed: She wanted more mail. She wanted to receive an honest-to-goodness letter or card in the mail on beautiful stationery or something. And I thought, YESSSS!

I love it when I get a card or a letter for no particular holiday, whether real or invented by Hallmark.

It got me to thinking about how we connect — or don’t. As it’s been said for a population that is constantly “talking” to each other we’ve often never felt more alone because we are not actually connecting. We are talking at, texting at, social media posting for each other. There isn’t any real-time give and take. (I am sure there are exceptions to this but I know you all get my drift).

I know I spend too much time contemplating what I don’t want instead of what I do. It’s worthwhile to think about what you love, crave and/or want. And better, yet go out and get it for yourself as you are able.

I probably cannot force someone to send me a letter on nice stationery but I CAN go out and buy nice stationery and send someone else a letter — it’s maybe even better.

With that, as we head into the last weekend of January, what do you want? What do you love? What do you crave? What Fresh Start do you want in the new year?

Tell us, tell Danielle LaPorte since those really were her questions, but most of all tell yourself!!

Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

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