Thankful Thursday: Unexpected Blessings

Over the holiday break, I started reading E2 by Pam Grout. I am late to the party because Lowi has already read it — probably the day it was released or something. I heard about it from her but then it was referenced in another book I was reading recently and so I did what any reader with a book problem does: I ordered it from Amazon and had it in my hot little hands in two days! Holla, Prime!

This book is, in essence, all about what you put out into the universe comes back to you. If you expect life to be bad, it will be and if you expect it to be great, it will be! Much of it is perspective but she also gives you nine experiments to try yourself.
I have done a few. Some have been easy to manifest. Others… well I am still waiting.

I will tell you about my success. The first experiment is to put out into the Field of Potential, or FP as she likes to call it, that you are open to receiving unexpected blessings. And the most important things are that you don’t doubt that those blessings will arrive and you are open to it. You are looking for your blessings. This last part was key for me as not all blessings show up with a sign attached that reads: BLESSINGS!

You give it a 48-hour deadline and then wait for your blessings to appear. And they did.

Now, I am a newbie manifester so possibly a more finely honed skillset would have brought a lottery win but I was pleased with my windfall of sorts.

A day after I asked for my unexpected blessing I went to Trader Joe’s for some good grub and they were closed for New Year’s Day. This is not the blessings part, just yet. So not to be deterred, I headed across the street to Whole Foods.
While attempting to find a place to park, and it was bitterly cold, I found a spot just 4 spaces from the front door. Win!

Then when I walked in the door at Whole Foods there were all these signs announcing that guacamole was on sale! Win!

I love WF’s guac but it’s a pit pricey. That’s never stopped me from buying it, of course, but if I can indulge and save money, why not?

Since I seemed to be on a roll, I went to the beer cooler to see if they had a particular beer that my husband likes but it’s rarely in stock. I got the last 6-pack. Yay! This was more of a win for John but I am going with it. I decided to tempt fate to see if the lime-flavored, crack-like, tortilla chips he loves were in stock. Also a tough find, at times. I got the last bag!

So then I headed to the check out and as it was January 1 and the Resolutioners were out in full force the place was PACKED! But lo and behold I got right in at the express checkout and never had to wait.
I am, however, a slow learner as it wasn’t until I got to my car with a big smile on my face that I thought: UNEXPECTED BLESSINGS!!!

All right there in one big bunch. Thanks, universe. Thanks, FP. Thanks, Yoda.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G


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