Life Lesson: It’s Time for a Break

We’ve arrived at our usual holiday break. We know you are busy and distracted and, frankly, we are too. Until the new year, we are signing off on the blog. We will revisit some of our favorites from 2017 over the next few weeks. We hope you enjoy a recap. And if you are far too busy to get to your email or be on the internet, you can rest assured you’ll not be missing a thing here at Lowi & G.

It’s been a wild ride this year for us both personally and professionally. Our most exciting feat, of course, was publishing our book, which is still somewhat surreal.

And all of you made it so much sweeter of an accomplishment by giving it, and us, such a warm embrace.

We wish you and yours the best holiday season. Be kind, be safe, be joyful.

See you in 2018,

Lowi & G

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