Thankful Thursday: American Girl & Tom Petty

Here we are again, friends. We are meandering toward the end of a very challenging week and we don’t know what to think, say, feel or do. Of course, if you watch TV or any cable news shows you would find that hard to believe. But you are all old enough now to know that TV isn’t like real life.

The regular people, the ones who are not required to talk all day long for our jobs about the latest tragedy, are mostly left dumbfounded and speechless — again.

Further, we lost a music legend and that still stings. Of course, I didn’t know Tom Petty but I feel like I did. I imagine many people do. A songwriter puts themselves into their music. They pour a little of their soul in too. And so while I never met the man, we weren’t friends, we didn’t hang out and jam, I do feel like I heard a little of his heart in every song.

That’s what amazing songwriters do. They put into words what we all feel but could never possibly articulate in the same way they do.

They write songs that make you laugh, make you cry, and make you feel understood. And amazing writers are able to do both while you have your windows down on your car, stereo speakers cranked up all the way, and you sing loud and proud even though you have never been able to carry a tune. (OK that last part may just be me)

While I love lots of music, Tom Petty was pretty much always good for a song that fit all the above qualifications. How many times have I driven down the road, highway, or sat in my car until Free Fallin’ was over because it just felt too good to sing along?

How many times did I hush my fellow passenger so I could turn up and sing American Girl (no, not the doll)?

“Oh yeah, all right
Take it easy baby
Make it last all night
She was an American girl”

Here’s a great version, if you want to sing along one more time.

American Girls,
Lowi & G

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