Thankful Thursday: Sunrise Faith

Even though our 100 Days of Happiness and our outward effort to cultivate joy and gratitude is over doesn’t mean it’s stopped for us privately. As we’ve mentioned and most of you likely know since you are, you know, out in the world living, that it’s not for sissies.
Being grateful can sometimes be grueling. When you are sick, when your kids are sick, when you’ve lost your job, can’t find a job, can’t find a partner, can’t find a cure, whatever your malady these times can be crushing.

I stumbled upon, or maybe it was put in front of me, several days ago an old video from an outtake of an Oprah Winfrey Show and she talks about having Sunrise Faith.

Faith that no matter how bad things are that the sun will rise in the morning.
Faith that this too shall pass, no matter what it is.
Faith that on the other side of this test, you will be better.

Oprah said that Dr. Maya Angelou, who was always good for some hard-time wisdom, told her to say, “Thank you.”

Thank you, because you know that you will get through this.
Thank you, because you know it will get better.
Thank you, because you will learn something you need to learn.

If you need a little booster shot, take a look.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

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