What’s in Your Purse?


We’ve all heard Jennifer Garner and Samuel L. Jackson ask, “What’s in your wallet?”  So, G and I thought it might be fun to look at what’s in our purses, nightstands, cars or anything else that could potentially be interesting.
I decided to go first since my purse, or as I like to call it when the whole family is with me, the diaper bag (even though I don’t carry diapers). Once you have kids you learn to carry everything you might need with you at all times regardless of the fact that my kids are basically adults. Now, since my girls are older I am not in the practice of carrying “everything” they might need at all times, but I quickly get back into the rhythm when we are all together.


I also have the everyday purse; just the stuff that I might need.  Let’s start with the everyday purse.  I have my wallet, which of course contains my ID, debit card, credit cards and insurance cards.  I rarely have any cash, but it turns out I do have $2.78 so that’s something.  I have a checkbook.  Why? I am not sure as I rarely write a check.  Habit, perhaps?
I have the coupon card I haven’t actually purchased from one of Reese’s classmates.  I told him I would buy one, I tried to write a check because I only had $2.78, but his mom said she would just spot me and I could give her $20 the next I saw her.  Clearly, she doesn’t realize that I never have cash and if I happen to go to the ATM it gets quickly used up by an entry fee into a ballgame and the other $15 goes to my daughter for some kind of fee, movie or food.


I also have 10 ink pens…all I can say is I really don’t like to be without a writing utensil when I need it.  It comes in handy for the 3 lists I have. Of course, I usually leave said list in the car when I actually need it in the store.  Then I just shove it in my purse when I get home.  There is a Target receipt and the only reason I don’t have 5 is because I obviously cleaned out my purse recently or something.


I have one pair of reading glasses because I can’t actually see anything close up anymore without squinting and even that has gotten pretty difficult.


I have a half-eaten bar, a package of gum, lots of wrappers, a cough drop from who knows how long ago, 2 tampons and $1.02 in change at the bottom of my purse.


Basically, if I get stranded somewhere with my purse I can get an über to drive me a few miles down the road and then I can sit and eat my stale, half-eaten bar.  I should be good for about 5 hours.


Then there is the vacation purse i.e. diaper bag.  It has everything and I am pretty sure a small child could survive the apocalypse for quite some time if they had only the contents of my purse.  I have my wallet, glasses, (no checkbook because I am on vacation), $200, sunscreen, lipstick, chapstick, contacts (for my hubby and my middle daughter), bars, glucose, two glucose meters, emergency glucagon, insulin, syringes, juice boxes, extra test strips, ibuprofen, allergy medicine, band-aids, neosporin, everyone’s phone (because I have a waterproof bag), lots of loose change, tampons (hello, I have 3 daughters), a rain jacket, a hat, pony tail holder, gum, water bottle, book, keys to the car and the house.  Also, if we are out shopping I will be carrying any small purchases that will fit into my bag.


It’s not easy being the holder of all things important, but somebody has to do it and let’s face it I am not letting the girl who left her phone on the train be in charge.
What’s in your wallet, purse, bag?  Anything unusual?  Funny?


Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

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