Torture Report: Hawaiian Style & On the Road

(L) This summer we have been seeking our torture from activities outside of our normal repertoire.   Our vacation was no exception as we did things we normally don’t do while land locked in Colorado.  For example, boogie boarding which we always do at the beach.  I know you are probably thinking about a leisurely float over the waves that brings you resting nicely upon the shore.  The last time we were at the beach, I boogie boarded until my arms were ready to fall off.  This time I got on the boogie board…once.  I can’t even call it boogie boarding because the wave promptly took me to the ocean floor where I felt my chin scrape the sandy bottom before helping me with my 360 move right on shore.  My life flashed before my eyes and then all I could think about was this little scenario:

 My family and all the beach goers are witnessing the greatest boogie boarding debacle of all time and then they are going to watch me die like a beached whale in 2 inches of water.  

But, alas I didn’t die.  I just stood up like I meant to do that and walked back into the ocean while my family laughed hysterically at my boogie boarding prowess.  They even had the audacity to ask me if I wanted to go again.  Go again?  I wasn’t even sure  if I could move all of my body parts correctly.

I don’t have a video or a photo (thankfully) of my Hawaiian style torture, but I was left with this little scab for the rest of my trip.

(G): Sadly, I don’t have any boogie board adventures to share with you. I have still been in rehab mode and working to get Humpty back together again. Over the weekend, our mom and I went to Nashville to return Ella, the wonder mutt, to Nashville and we enjoyed some awesome vegan food and had some good bonding time with the fur ball.

Our torture came in the form of a 6-hour car ride turning into 9 because apparently Cincinnati cannot figure out how to manage its traffic flow issues. But all told, it was a great trip. Here’s to another fresh start of a week.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G


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