Life Lesson: Friend-Making and Self-Promotion

Some of us are fast-friend makers and then there are people like me. I fancy myself akin to cilantro. People love me or they think of me like icky soap. There really is no in between.

Possibly that’s an exaggeration but my name is on the blog so I can be hyperbolic if I choose, right?

While we attended the Lowi & G Year-Planning Meeting last week we came up with ideas, plans and, hopefully, wildly popular blog topics for your reading pleasure. We also spent some time pondering what’s next with our book. It’s been a challenging process for us because we are not, by nature, great self-promoters.

We are more like the people who say under our breath, with our hand over our mouth, “Oh by the way, we did sort of, kind of, write, well … cobbled together a book-like item. It’s really more of a glorified post-it note. If you aren’t too busy and don’t need to clean your bathroom grout or something, maybe you’d be interested.”

That’s not even too much of an exaggeration.

We pondered many of these things while we were together and came up with some bold plans, at least by our standards.

Then I got on a plane Monday morning to head back to Ohio and my friend-making and self-promoting deficiencies both came crashing in on me while I was in the middle seat no less.

I really blame it all on Lowi. I pulled out my book for the airplane and I have to admit I was a tad bit embarrassed and was wishing I’d taken the dustcover off. It has an irreverent title and while I like the book, I wondered what the 70-plus woman to my left might think.

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck” has a bright orange cover and is one that really catches the eye. Turns out that was a good/bad thing. Good because it also caught the eye of my other seat mate and bad because I was forced to face my fears.

The 20-something to my right excitedly said, “I am reading that book too! What do you think?”

I admitted I wasn’t that far into it but so far it was good. She was nearly done and without giving away any good parts told me why she liked it. For some reason, I shared with her that Lowi had sent me the book as a final butt kick toward completing our own book.

Just like that I had waded into the shark-infested waters of shameless self-promotion. I wasn’t sure what to do. Do I run back to the shore? Do I go ahead and jump head first into the ocean? Or do I just stop speaking and hope she doesn’t notice?

Well she noticed and asked me about the book and before long I was typing the title into a note on her iPhone – so out of character for me. Then we continued to chat about her upcoming travels now that she had completed teaching abroad for 2 years in South Korea. I get the feeling she’s a fast-friend maker like Lowi.

We talked off and on throughout our flight and, who knows, she may even buy our book. But ultimately I did realize that telling people about who you are and what you are doing doesn’t always have to feel like kidney extraction. You can just say it, smile and move on.

There may be hope for me and cilantro after all.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

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