Thankful Thursday: Gain & Loss

Just when you think that your goofy dog or your aloof feline doesn’t know what’s going on in the world or your home, they prove you wrong. More than a month ago, we said goodbye to our cat Parsley. She was the sweetest of all of us and her absence is apparent daily.

Sweet Parsley and me.

Last evening, we had an informal memorial for her. We sat out in the back yard with a lit candle and incense burning.

I asked John if we should bring Basil, our other cat, outside but he had already taken note that something was up. Mere moments before he was fast asleep on the sofa but now our lumbering lion of a cat was making his way off the sofa and out to the deck to see what was going on.

Basil has taken to sleeping in Parsley’s place in the sun, just under her ashes.

While John and I sat in the grass where Parsley loved to sun herself, we shared some of our favorite memories of her and offered thanks for our time with her. All the while Basil kept vigil with us as he sat with perked ears and attentiveness. Not at all like his usual cat self.

It seemed clear he knew we were paying our respects and he wanted to share his as well. Not quite two months removed I can begin to let go of loss and be thankful for what was gained in having her in our life.

And it seems Basil is too.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

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