Life Lesson: Washer and Dryer

Just imagine this little grease mark multiplied by 20.

Some people believe that their world revolves around their family; that this little pod of people is what makes the world go round.  If you asked me what makes my ferris wheel turn a couple of days ago I too, would have said it was my family.


It’s not our families that make the world go round, it’s our washer and dryer.  I am serious.  When was the last time you couldn’t do your laundry?  It’s been a while?  I can understand how you could forget that your universe actually does revolve around those two box-shaped appliances if you are going about your day nonchalantly throwing laundry in and out.  We take them for granted.  We just assume after 15 years that they are always going to be there for us.  Then one day it happens.  One of them decides to give it up.

In fairness, my dryer has been giving me hints that it was on its last leg for awhile.  A few weeks ago it began making this god-awful thumping sound.  Everyone, including me, was convinced I had somehow picked up a shoe and thrown it in the dryer.  No, it was just loudly trying to let us know that it didn’t have much time left.  Being optimistic, I thought this could go on forever.  I began taking precautions though like never running it when I was out of the house and gently patting the top and telling it to hang in there just a little longer.  Every time I received another dry load of clothes I thanked the laundry goddess and quickly threw in another one before she could change her mind.

Last week, I was telling a friend about my dryer.  She laughed and said, “you don’t have to worry about the loud noises.  It’s when it gets quiet that you really need to be concerned.”

Well, this week the thumping subsided and a new, quieter noise emerged.  Kind of like a dog scratching at the back door to get in. That is when I told my hubby I NEEDED a new dryer ASAP!  He thought perhaps we could make it to Memorial Day since everyone would have their appliances on sale.  I was skeptical, but hopeful.  Nobody likes to spend money on appliances.  It’s no fun.  When was the last time someone invited you over to see their new washer and dryer set?


On Wednesday, my dryer gave me my last and final load of dry clothes and she went out with a bang.  Yes, she didn’t just make noises she left her mark.  All of my light-colored clothing from this load now has grease marks all over them.
I promptly called my hubby to let him know that I would, in fact, not be waiting until Memorial Day, but I would be purchasing a new washer and dryer immediately.

I began the search on Consumer Reports, trekked to the big box stores to check them out, and then I took the hubby to “look at them.” Whatever, I wasn’t leaving that store until I had a receipt and a delivery date in hand.

It’s official.  I purchased a new washer and dryer.  Yes, my washer is still working, but it’s 15 years old and I have played that game before. I am not waiting 6 months to get the matching washer only to find out they don’t carry that model anymore.  I bought a whole new set and it will be delivered…wait for it.  NEXT TUESDAY.  That is an eternity in laundry years.  So, I am doing what any sane person would do. I am washing everything and hanging it up all over my house to dry.

Yes, my world is still spinning, but very slowly and all will not be right with the world until those bright, shiny boxes are in my laundry room.  Until then, don’t worry if you see me looking glassy eyed, lost, and hanging random pieces of laundry from my porch.

And a special note to my hubby:  Yes, I may smell like bacon all weekend because I haven’t washed my pjs.  Deal with it, my world doesn’t revolve around you.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

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