Torture Report: It’s Been a Long, Hard Week

(L): It’s been a long, hard week since we last spoke about working out.  Since then I can safely say all I have done is walk this little pup.  Ella is my middle daughter’s puppy and she is about 16 weeks old.  She is a sweetie and she loves her walks everyday.

I had to make a little emergency trip to Nashville this week (this will be addressed in a later blog) and everything else in my life was on hold, including working out.  Thankfully, Ella was persistent and she didn’t let me sit for too long.  Hopefully, this means getting back into my routine will not be too difficult as I head back to Colorado today.

Thanks for having my back, Ella.


(G): There has been no shortage of torture for any of us in the last week. These past seven days have been difficult but that hasn’t included a single step of running. That’s right, folks. No running!

First off, I had to get serious with myself and determine if I wanted to run this Saturday and be destroyed for potentially the rest of the year or did I want to skip the first race of the year and, fingers crossed, be done with this injury for good?
Acting like a grown-up is not my strong suit. Erring on the side of caution when it comes to the decision to run or not run is also not my strength. But smarter people than me had quite a bit of influence. So on Tuesday afternoon I withdrew from the race.

At the time it was the hardest decision to make. In fact, I thought I was crushed. I was sorely mistaken. If you happened to read the blog yesterday you know that we said a sad farewell to our longtime buddy, Parsley. So you can see not running, deciding not to run, and otherwise really began to pale in comparison. I got a reality check fast and hard. Not running this Saturday, while disappointing, is in the big picture no big deal.

I did get some good news from my massage therapist last week. She was hopeful that if I play it smart in the next few weeks I will be back on the trail before long. I am also keeping up with my stretching, acupuncture, and all the other fun recovery stuff. I have also finally learned that prehab (exercise that help you avoid injury) is not a fad it’s a legitimate approach and one that I need to make a priority.

Over the weekend, I decided to test things out a bit and went for an hour walk on Saturday. Then Sunday I did the same and followed it up with an hour bike ride. My foot was a tad sore following those excursions so I may need to wait on the power walking for another week or so. It looks like I am going to be on the bike.

I will have plenty of time for core work, extra yoga, and other strength training with this unexpected hiatus. I thought my training this year was going to lead me to some great race outcomes. It turns out that my training is instead going to be learning about healing, dealing with adversity, having patience, being flexible, and knowing what matters and what really doesn’t.

I am going, however, to get my first foray into being a crew chief for John at the KIA 12-hour event on Saturday. He’ll be running loops around The Oval at The Ohio State University. I also get to be in charge of photographing, the GoPro, and all the movie-making for this event. I never get to be in charge like that!! I feel my cinematography skills rising to the surface already.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

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