Thankful Thursday: Awake


It’s getting to be that time. You know what happens after a few weeks into the new year and you start to fall into old habits, old mindsets.

It’s unreal how fast we lose our fresh lens and we reflexively reach for the old, regular, cloudy glasses we just a few short weeks ago claimed we were ready to release. Throughout any year we have a handful of moments that shock us back to awareness. Those moments shake us into mindfulness.

We start paying attention to the most mundane and everyday of activities. And even better, we question ourselves and our actions. We wonder if what we are doing is the best choice or the ONLY choice.

This is also termed as being “awake.”

That’s the real blessing in our country’s current growing pains. There seems to be some eventful situation taking shape every day that has some or all of us questioning. We are noticing. We are paying attention. We are engaged. We may not, as country men and women, always agree but we are watching. We are awake.

This challenging time in our country and the seeming divisiveness could be just the dirt we need to cultivate a level of patriotism and love of country that we may have lost in our time asleep; our time of being less involved.

These times of maturation will most assuredly not be easy but I am hopeful that it will bring out our best. Any obstacle that drives us to be more and draws forth our greatness is a cause for gratitude.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

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