The Sound of Gratitude

Over the Thanksgiving holiday many of us probably spent time reflecting on all the things for which we are grateful. I am sure my list looked similar to most of yours and family is usually at the top of all of our lists.  So, what is it about family, specifically, that makes us all grateful?  I think it’s the things that we often overlook when our kids are all still living at home. I find that I miss the laughter, the bathrooms teeming with makeup, music, and clothes and the overall buzz that takes over the house when they are all home.  I miss all of them being in the kitchen whipping up their favorite meals, desserts, and sometimes their own creations.
I miss the sound.
Thanks to technology, we can connect with our families anytime we want.  We can see their faces on our smartphones or our laptops.  It’s the next best thing when we can’t be with them and I walked our middle one through the making of her first Thanksgiving dinner this year via FaceTime.  I loved helping her though it’s not the same as being in the same kitchen or sitting on the sofa, telling stories and falling on the floor laughing.
In fact, before the holidays I was speaking to my oldest one on the phone and we agreed to table our conversation until she arrived home because it’s so much better when you can reach out and hug the other person.
In October, I had all of my girls home for one day.  It was a precursor for what I can expect at Christmas when they are all together again.  I remember listening to them argue about anything and everything while they were all in the bathroom getting ready and smiling.  I wasn’t happy that they were arguing, but I was happy for the sound.  The sound of sisterhood.  The sound of unconditional love.  The sound of family.
Over Thanksgiving two of my girls were home.  There was plenty of love, laughter and noise.  I was grateful.
In a month, they will ALL be home and the sound will be even greater.  I will be grateful and I will treasure every moment.
Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

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