Thankful Thursday: Gratitude and Politics

We are days away from the election and I don’t want to discuss the latest political fallout, your view about the candidates,  or what you saw on anyone’s news feed. What I would like to discuss is the idea of being kind, open and compassionate to your neighbors, your friends or whomever is across the street or seated on the other side of the aisle. 
There seems to be a level of hate that has permeated the walls of what I would call human decency. We seem to have forgotten that on the other side of that comment we so angrily typed out is another human being. What has happened to our sense of compassion? What are we modeling for our children? Yes, I know some of you will tell me that you are modeling your democratic right to speak your mind. Awesome. Some of you have had your children out going door to door encouraging neighbors to vote. Again, that is fantastic. I am all for getting everyone involved in the democratic process. What isn’t fantastic is this notion that who we vote for defines us as a human being. Are we back in middle school, people? Do you really think bullying someone on social media is the way to win? And what are you trying to win, exactly? The White House or a bar brawl? I am utterly appalled at some of the posts and comments I have read. In fact, if it isn’t a photo of your kid in a halloween costume I probably scrolled right past your post.  

I am so saddened that my two older girls are voting for the first time in an election that has been focused primarily on criminal acts and acts against women. My girls ask me my opinion. I try to be neutral. I try to speak what I believe to be the facts and discuss their concerns with them. I am sure many of you have an opinion you would like to offer. Keep it to yourself. I don’t want it. Sure the candidates have different policies, but that almost seems beside the point this year. We’ve heard people say, “vote your conscience.” What does that even mean anymore? 
Here is what I do know. We need to take a collective breath. Our neighbors and friends are not Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. Regardless of who they vote for, they are still human beings who deserve love and common decency. How about we take time to celebrate and be grateful for the fact that whether we like the candidates or not, we live in a country where we get to vote. We aren’t told what to do; we don’t live under a dictatorship. Let’s be grateful that when we wake up next Wednesday morning whether we have a democrat or republican for president the “other” doesn’t have to fear for their lives. There won’t be militants showing up on our doorstep taking us hostage or killing us in the streets for our political affiliation or religious views. 
Let’s be grateful that we can passionately disagree about policies and how best to run our country, but at the end of the day let’s get back to being the UNITED States of America.  
Let’s spend the next few days trying to be a little more passionately compassionate toward one another and a little less divisive.

Sunshine & Sarcasm, 

Lowi & G

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  1. Annie says:

    Very well said, and thank you for saying it!


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