Thankful Thursday: Homecoming


My hubby and I moved 1200 miles away almost 24 years ago.  We have had a lot of homecomings over the years.  It’s exciting and fun to see everyone.  Our kids have just started into that phase over the last few years and the anticipation of their coming home is almost as good as having them all under one roof.  Okay, not quite, but still, it’s exciting. Our oldest doesn’t live that far away, but she comes home so infrequently that it feels like a great homecoming when she does venture outside the walls of the Great People’s Republic of Boulder!
It’s homecoming week at my youngest’s school.  For her, it’s about home volleyball games, bonfires, parades, pep rallies, football and the big dance. For the rest of us, it’s about catching up with old friends and, if we are lucky, welcoming our own kids home for the weekend.
I spoke with one of my friends whose son came home for 4 days.  The joy in her voice talking about having them all home reminded me of when my mom used to get excited about having all of us girls home, sleeping down the hall.
It just feels like all is right with the world for this tiny moment in time.
This week, I have also had the opportunity to see some of my friends whose kids went to school with my two older daughters.  These kids, like the rest of us, have taken many paths.  Some have led them far from home, to college, military, detours of every kind, marriage, babies, graduate school and some are still trying to figure out the next step.   Some of these kids are ready to graduate college and enter the “real world” while a few of them have already been living it.  Their journeys from just these last 4 years amazed me.
There were stories of heartache, homesickness, difficult choices, serious health concerns, love, dedication, perseverance and resilience.  In every circumstance, even the ones currently in the midst of difficult times, I heard the story of rising up. meeting the challenge, taking steps forward, doing the next right thing. It was raw, vulnerable and honest.   It was beautiful and heartwarming and isn’t that what a real homecoming is about?  Going out, living your life, messing up, doing great things, messing up again, and still being able to come home.
If this weekend happens to be your homecoming and you find yourself sitting in a house with all of your kids take a deep breath and say a prayer of gratitude for this tiny little moment in time because all is truly right with the world.
Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

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