Torture Report: Up Against the Wall; Tire, Tire on the Ground



(L)  We are less than 3 weeks away from the Nashville Ultra and I think it’s safe to say I am way past “up against the wall.”  To add insult to injury I now have a terrible cold.  You know, the kind where walking up one flight of stairs causes you to be so out of breath that you need to sit down and rest?  Under normal circumstances this would feel like it was really setting me back in my training, but I am already set way back.  At this point I have no where to go but up.

One of our friends that signed up to do the race with us ran 20 miles this weekend.  He is serious, as he should be, and is totally ready for the race.  When I told him I wasn’t quite as prepared as I would have liked he asked if I was still going to participate.  What?  Back out?  No way.  Okay, I know I should consider backing out, but walking/running 30+ miles while talking to my sister and middle daughter sounds mostly okay.  I say mostly because somewhere after the half way point I know it’s going to get tough.

What I know for sure though is that I am good under pressure and right now I am under serious pressure.  Over these next few weeks I will see what comes out of this ridiculous procrastination that I have gotten myself into.


(G): As we head toward the last race of the season, my mileage is somewhat dialing down and I am starting to focus on other training that gets less attention in the ON season.
Heavy weight training is back on the schedule.  And it’s not easy. Whenever I get back to this I remember why it’s a love/hate relationship. (OK, it’s mostly a hate relationship but I was trying to be positive.)
I’ve also added some serious band training in as well. I am talking the kind of bands that provide enough power that can boss you around if you aren’t careful.
We’ve also gotten off the trail and onto the pavement as our final 2016 adventure is 90% paved. It takes some time to get your feet “hardened up” for this kind of running so we’ve taken to the streets, so to speak. It’s amazing how much more my joints hurt after a long distance on asphalt as opposed to the muscle soreness I have from being on the trail. So if you are asking, get off the pavement, get off the concrete. Get dirty, my friends.
It has finally cooled off enough that the tire dragging has commenced in full force. A few months ago, I told you about this plan to make me a better, faster runner. But over the summer just running in the blazing heat and humidity was all the challenge I could take so I put off this little training experiment for the fall.
But as of this week it’s begun. My dragging of a 16.5 inch tire is not quite the love affair that I anticipated. I tested it out briefly on Sunday and then with some harness creativity I did my first .3-mile pull last night and it was tough. I think running with a tire will either require a lot more training or a lighter tire because when I tried to run I was basically running in place.
If you happen to live in my Central Ohio neighborhood, please promise not to point and laugh if you see me dragging a tire slowly around the block. We have less than 3 weeks before race day so here we go!
Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

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