Torture Report: Schedules, Boots & Shoes; Embrace the Suck

(L): I am currently on vacation in Florida, but my workout schedule is planned. I have an ultra goal, I have a training schedule and while I am not sure how my “running” will go down here, I’ll be trying. I think I would prefer a lack of oxygen over the humidity any day of the week but I‘m not going to complain!


Update: So, apparently encouraging my girls to run the half marathon was NOT such a good idea. My youngest has been complaining about her foot since the race. I finally got her in to see the orthopedic doctor this week. She had X-rays and when the doctor came in she said everything looked good; no stress fractures. She examined her foot, talked to her and recommended some stretches because her calf and arch were so tight. Then she explained that she wanted to take a closer look at the X-rays and that she would be back in to talk some more.

Upon her return she asked, “Would you like a cast or a boot?”

Say what?

What she neglected to say was given Reese’s pain and the swelling that she believed Reese had some torn tendons/ligaments and just an overall overuse injury. She felt that if Reese wore a boot for 3 weeks it would heal. If she continued to have pain after 3 weeks they would do an MRI. So we are in Florida and Reese is in a boot!


You’d think that this little episode might have deterred me from encouraging others to join in the fun of our running adventures but it has not. I have just moved on to fresh meat…I mean children. My middle daughter, who actually did train for the half marathon two years ago, has registered for the Nashville Ultra. She lives there so she is excited to have a goal, a training plan and family coming to visit! Maybe she will write a song about her journey or at least a guest blog. She has her new running shoes, she is eating healthy and is running several times a week.

Go Team Nashville!

(G): Well that’s an interesting little tale. I am always the one blamed for being a bad influence. For the record, I have had nothing to do with either one of these little adventures. OK I do plan to run the Nashville race but I didn’t buy either kid shoes or a race entry!
After 14 miles on Saturday. I was officially beat up.
My focus was all over the place in the late spring and early summer but I feel like I finally got it back or at least for the last 7 days. I managed to put together a solid week of training. I was committed and dialed in on the process. Much of my training was in hot and humid conditions but I kept hydrated and it all turned out OK. Well, that’s if you consider dripping sweat from every pore and learning to “embrace the suck” being OK. That phrase commonly used in the ultra world essentially means that at least one point in every race, or even long run, will just suck. Everything will hurt, everything will be difficult and you’ll want to quit. You have two choices, you can fight the experience and quit or you can embrace it. Embrace the Suck.
Found some unexpected shade and nature while on my Sunday afternoon jaunt.
Sunday it was hot, hot, hot but I persevered to the end.
That’s what I have been working on. I am training to deal with the discomfort instead of interpreting it as a sign that I am not ready or I should stop. I used to think if I trained hard enough it wouldn’t hurt. Then I realized the pain is inescapable so I trained so it would hurt later in the race. Now further down the rabbit hole I see pain just is. Each effort is almost inviting it and I need to decide how much I can endure to get to the other side. It’s catching yourself on fire to figure out what Phoenix rises next.
With this kind of heat, catching myself on fire won’t be all that tough.
Over the weekend, I had plenty to inspire me with the Hardrock 100 being hosted in Silverton, Colorado in the San Juan Mountains and then starting last night the Badwater 135 in Death Valley. I watch these amazing athletes, do amazing things and better yet I saw even more spectacular sportsmanship. The Hardrock was won by Killian Jornet and Jason Schlarb together. They ran the majority of the race together and instead of dropping each other at the end they decided to finish together. True camaraderie. That’s why I love ultra people so much.
This week the mercury is going to stay on the rise as is the humidity so I am going to embrace that it’s hard. I am going to attempt to not wish it was easier and hopefully at the end I will be better for it.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G


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