Thankful Thursday: Perspective


Every day, maybe every moment there is a chance to get perspective on any situation whether it be unfolding or a long-held wound. As they say, it’s all about perspective.
What is one person’s heaven is another’s hell. And what was once our hell is now our heaven. Life is malleable, ever-changing and there is almost always a new angle presenting itself to be noticed.

If you’re like me and forever seeking meaning and sense in the chaos the constant movement can also be maddening.

Earlier this year, a co-worker’s wife was diagnosed with cancer and, while not public knowledge, at the same time found out she was expecting another child. Heaven following all too quickly on the heels of hell.

Recently, the news of the pregnancy was shared with friends and family and a whole new group was given a chance for their own perspective: Heaven or hell? Heaven and hell? What’s it to be?

Well, my friends, that depends on perspective. As I read this lovely woman’s blog about her wonderful news and her ongoing process toward healing I had a million thoughts whizzing through my head. She must have 100 million running through hers. I didn’t read the comments that were left because I feared others would need to force their perspective on her life.

When we comment, especially on someone’s posting that we know, those words are well-meaning, well-intentioned but possibly uninvited.

Did I ponder it? Consider it? Even discuss it with my husband? Yes, I most certainly did. My thought was that the best I can offer is love and restrain myself from sharing my perspective and Monday morning quarterback viewpoint.

Every situation can be seen from several points of view by one person. Throw in a few more people and you’re likely to get a few hundred more views. Some will resonate, some will repel each other, and most will just pile up into an energetic mass that feels life-sucking instead of life-giving.

Or at least that’s my perspective.

Aside from this family’s situation being so seemingly impossible their joy at adding to their family is uncontainable. Their hope unwavering. I feel oddly blessed when I get a glimpse of unshakeable grace walking into life’s fires with commitment and determination. That doesn’t mean fear and questioning are not present but they are the back-burner keepers.

When I see others do it, I pray that given similar stakes I’d be able to show much of the same.

Today, I am thankful for perspective and its ever-changing quality. I am thankful for those who share their stories. I am thankful that every day humans are extraordinary in their inordinate circumstances.

Heaven, hell? Who knows. It’s about your perspective…


Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

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