Thankful Thursday: Happiness Is More Than You Think

We stumbled into this exercise of 100 Days of Happiness a couple of years ago and each time, each week, each day we learn. We learn happiness isn’t frivolous. We learn happiness is often simple. We learn happiness is rarely, if ever, about stuff.

But we also learn that we need to be reminded regularly and often of all of these things. We forget. We get distracted. We get confused and start to think that things make us happy, that perfecting ourselves or our lives will get us to “the happy.”

And then summer rolls around and we get to this 100 days of practice and again we’re back to right-minded thinking. What’s exciting is that with each collection of 100 days the renewed knowledge comes quicker, more readily.

Every day I am reminded that contentment can just as easily be happiness as bodacious joy.

Here are a sampling of the quality moments we’ve found over the last several days (and some that you’ve posted as well).

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G


13307386_1026839390740940_1579130245724848675_n 13315221_1025787847512761_8295074621640892224_n 13331088_1028097343948478_4464314832317534370_n 13350372_10209563986000656_5988910951039835467_o 13412927_1029442657147280_1521507065205463945_n 13417002_1012044478845088_7298832127182446579_o 13340181_10209595708513699_5494086493535255689_o 13340324_1011404745575728_5611500060206111376_o

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