Life Lesson: I’m OK with Chaos, It’s Drama That’s a problem

Every day I get a Danielle LaPorte Truth Bomb delivered to my phone via her app. At exactly 3:33 pm I am enlightened.
Yesterday, my truthful insight was:


At first, I laughed knowingly but as the day went on I kept coming back to it.
Is chaos really certain?
Then I realized I was possibly mixing up chaos with drama. I was so intrigued I even consulted a dictionary to be sure I was standing on firm grammatical and meaning ground.

Chaos is confusion
It’s a state of utter confusion or disorder
Confused or disorderly mass

After reading that I thought well, of course, confusion happens. Especially when we’re learning something new, trying to find our way. We don’t understand, and are confused, until we do and we aren’t.

Drama, on the other hand, is considered a theatrical performance.
State, situation or series of events involving interesting or intense force.

That’s very different than chaos although when played out they are easily interchangeable at first glance.
I once told a friend that I was tired of unnecessary drama. She shared with me that by definition, at least hers, that all drama is unnecessary. It’s a performance. It’s a series of interesting events. Let’s be clear, intense events occur that aren’t always interesting. But by definition, drama always is.

When an event is real, drama is not needed.

Chaos is certain.

After all the parsing of thoughts I am now connecting to this idea. I am often confused or disorderly. That seems appropriate.
Theatrical? Nah
I long for simplicity, much like Lowi mentioned, yesterday, in regard to her hopes for the summer. I believe simplicity has a place for chaos but definitely not drama.
I have lost my patience for it. I have lost my interest in it. I have lost my need for it.

Chaos seems like it leads somewhere new each time. It’s a sign of growth. I know where drama leads, it’s nowhere good.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

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