Life Lesson: Use Your Horn!

Oh heavens, when you ask for signs and you ask to be led, trust you will.
I have been asking for that kind of guidance and apparently I am not very good at recognizing them because all the ones I have been sent recently are quite dramatic.
First a large, white Ryder truck pulled out in front of me. I guess he really needed to be in front of me in traffic.
Not quite an hour later I see a car with this license plate:

Reese CP

I sent it to Lowi and told her it was a sign of something. Not sure what just yet but her daughter’s name is Reese so I figured I’d keep her in the cosmic loop.

A couple hours later as I was driving along a residential area a woman pulled out and nearly side swiped my car as I made a hard left to avoid her. She didn’t see me and kept coming. Thankfully, she set her phone down just in time to see what was happening. Then I thought: “Use your horn!!”

Yes, why didn’t I use my horn? I am not an aggressive driver typically and am not known for horn-honking but when someone is about to hit your car, I think a little use of a sounding device is warranted.
Why was that not my first thought?

At this point the adrenaline was pumping. I was so happy to have avoided an accident for starters. But with something attention-catching like this immediately I thought, what am I missing here?
What sign am I not reading or receiving?

On the rest of my short drive home I thought, girl, you need to ask for guidance.
I prayed to be guided to the next right action. I prayed for signs in some other complications in my life. I mean, I was already on a roll.
And then when I pulled into my driveway I thought:
Use your horn, use your voice!

I’m still in the woods on this one I don’t know what a white van, a reese cup, a near-car accident and a silent horn have in common but… I will keep you posted.
In the meantime, use your horn!

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

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