Thankful Thursday: Gratitude for Sherpas


What goes around comes around is what we say about karma. We usually talk about it in a negative way in that unkind people will get what’s coming to them. A universal process of payback.
But it doesn’t only work in the negative, it likely works even more so in the positive feedback loop.
When you put good out into the world it comes back to you. It’s one of the principles of most, if not all, spiritual practices. It’s the premise of just being a generally good person whether you consider yourself religious, spiritual, or otherwise.

The last several days have offered me the opportunity to be of service to a loved one in need. It’s not always been easy but it’s attending to what needs your attention. It’s prioritizing what’s more important and as they say, family first.

And while I have been doing my best to put positivity and care forth in a certain direction I have been simultaneously receiving it on the other side of the loop. Lowi has been my literary sherpa these last couple of weeks. She’s carried the load and has been sure there is at least the Lowi part of Lowi and G operating on all cylinders.

That’s what partnership, friendship, family, and sisterhood is all about.

We have all kinds of sherpas in our lives. The best ones are so good at it you don’t even notice it at first.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

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