Gratitude Begins With G


Since it is November, the month in which we all typically try to bite our collective tongue and find the good in those around us, I thought I would share my gratitude for G and our creative process. In order to do that effectively I need to give you a little insight to how we do things over here at Lowi and G. You see, in order for anything to work with a partner, it has to be a well oiled machine or at least one that you understand the quirks and can plan appropriately.

We are planners and we are fly by the seaters. It’s true. Sometimes, we plan a month in advance and we have everything in the kitty and ready to roll. That is usually due to G’s persistence and ability to see the future weeks in advance. Other times we we hold our breath and hope the other has a brainstorm before morning. One of the things we tend to wait until the last moment to write though is our Thankful Thursday’s and our Life Lessons. Why? Its not because we don’t have something to be grateful for and it’s definitely not because we haven’t been thrown any curve balls. It’s just that we like to speak from a place of authenticity and presence. We don’t believe that gratitude and life lessons are a thing we used to practice, we mastered and moved on. Far from it! We always want to be practicing what we preach over here, which is Sunshine and Sarcasm, but also gratitude in the everyday moments of our lives. G is the queen at finding the gratitude in everything and she is a spin master. She can take a crack in the sidewalk and make it seem like the most glorious thing that happened to that piece of concrete!

So, each week what you read is usually what is happening right now! In fact, our family members regularly text us to comment. “Hey, congratulations, you are doing what, that’s awesome, tell me that did not happen, I can’t believe you just wrote about that and please don’t write about that.”

The other thing that is always happening right now is the actual process in which we create. Much like a musician carries a hook book and continually records possible lyrics as a voice memo we ping one another with texts, emails, voicemails, Facebook messages, tweets and instagram quotes multiple times a day. It’s true that we can go days and even weeks without actually speaking on the phone. We are either that good or we should stop the time sharing of one brain. Everyone has to find their own process and ours is eclectic, authentic and often frenetic, but I couldn’t do it without G.

Thanks for everything you do G!

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

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