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  1. gretzmom says:

    todays day of fun, connection actually was what i had planned! well, sort of…not feeling great but i have to get my halloween costume finished! no, not for a big party but so i can go out with my kids and grandkids for halloween. i started dressing up when noma was a baby, i think i was cailu’s gramma the first time out. I have been a ghost several times and a hippie(although that didn’t so much feel like dressing up as just getting dressed!) This halloween i am going to be a shark. it was on pinterest and diy sites, how to make a gray sweatshirt into a shark….sonoma helped me cut the teeth and now after adding the fin and eyes and a little blood, i am ready!!! fun and connection to family is worth every glue gun and felt piece! will post a pic tomorrow!


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