Life Lesson: The Untended Friendship

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I have become a novice gardener in the last few years. We started out with a few herbs and each year we’ve slowly added on, learned more and gotten better. Regardless of how much we know, or think we know, one thing remains true. No matter how much love and attention and “food” you give the plants some will thrive due to your efforts and others will wither in spite of them.

It seems the nature of things.

Relationships aren’t much different. We’ve all had couplings that didn’t work out, friendships that fizzled and other comminglings that imploded. And some of those pairings we put time, energy, love, compromise, and genuine effort into helping them succeed and they just didn’t.


Meanwhile, others thrive and expand despite the fact that you’ve left them out in the beating sun, not protected them from frost, and let the weeds grow up around the roots for weeks, months or years. Those connections, for whatever reason, are hardy; seemingly unbreakable.

Why is that? Some people or connections we care for like fragile angel wings. We guard them, shower them with love, and yet disintegration begins almost from the outset. While others we tend to much like our gym bag. It gets thrown in the trunk, dropped at our feet and sometime overlooked for months.

I’m not sure if there is an answer but I am sure I don’t know it. Maybe it’s the magic of our interconnectedness. The quirky of how life works out or doesn’t.

I had lunch with a wonderful friend yesterday and while we’ve been buddies for more than a decade ours is an untended garden. There are more than enough weeds and neglect to have long since strangled its joy and yet it continues on, uninterrupted by time, space or lack of consistent watering or feeding. It’s the inexplicable quality that makes life an entity that can only be experienced.

Sometimes why doesn’t matter. Maybe welcoming the incongruities and unmatched pieces of life is all part of the wonder.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G



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