Fast Friends


I am one of those people who will strike up conversation with anyone. Now to be fair not everyone wants to be fast friends and I usually get that message loud and clear within about 15 seconds. Those are the moments that you put yourself in reverse and you slowly start to back out of the circle of uncomfortable tension.

Once out, you vow to be a better observer prior to taking a polar bear swim with the next stranger that crosses your path.
Well, last week I happened upon a group of strangers who seemed friendly enough. I engaged them in some small talk, there was banter and then it happened… I became fast friends with this crazy group of Floridians. These people were a little older than me and they had adult children with them who were rolling their eyes and feeling uncomfortable with the quick friendship. I am pretty confident that my adult child was behind me giving off the same vibe, but we would not be deterred. We pressed on, forging a bond that could not be broken even by an empty seat at the bar that had my name on it. They shared a couple stories, introduced me to the family and asked about mine. They asked me if I could get them a photo with the performer on stage. Hmm, I began wondering who they thought I was.

“Of course, I can get you a photo with the musician. Psst, Sydney can you introduce these lovely people to Cali?”

And before you know it the musician was giving them a CD and getting her photo with them. I took this time to slink back to my husband at the bar. He just gave me that look of yes, this is why I love you because you could talk to a brick wall.

A little while later, I was taking some photos of my daughter and her musician friends when one of my new friends tapped me on the shoulder. They told me how much they enjoyed meeting me and they wanted to get their photo with me. What? This is a new one even for me. They pulled up a barstool between them and proceeded to snap some photos. I looked over at my husband who was just laughing and shaking his head. What can I say, I make fast friends!

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

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