Thankful Thursday: We All Matter

Savor Life

Inevitably, while we are doing one of our social experiments like #100 Days of Happiness or our #Savor Fun something comes up for us.  It’s just like the saying goes, “it’s better to give than to receive.”  It’s because the giver always ends up feeling like they were the ones rewarded. With our blog, we try each week to share our struggle, insights, perspective, gratitude, inspiration and life lessons we have learned along the way in hopes that someone out there feels like they are not alone.

Just this week, we have had so many nice comments, phone calls and texts regarding our blog, but more specifically savoring fun. Thank you, we so appreciate hearing that you either laughed along with us or felt our pain.

Yesterday, though, as I was in the mindset to give love and kindness away I also made a mental note to take notice of reactions.  Of course, most acts of kindness are going to be met with some form of positivity, but would there be anything else?  Interestingly enough my first meeting came at 8:30am when I complimented a woman on her very cool, fringey black purse.  I told her how much I liked it. It was so unique and I asked where she bought it.  She not only smiled and told me all about it, but she was beaming and the bounce in her step when she turned around was unmistakable.  The same kind of thing happened on the elevator a little while later.  I let an older couple go ahead of me and then proceeded to strike up a conversation about the man’s newly injured arm.  He was in no mood, let me tell you, but he too smiled and spoke and I could tell he knew that I understood he was in pain. In the doctor’s office, I could sense they were already having one of those mornings so again I complimented the staff, tried to be overly understanding and sympathetic. Immediately, you could feel the tension decrease and where there were once creased brows and pursed lips there were now smiles.

And what was my big take away for the day?  People just want to be seen, to matter, to connect. Let’s all continue to be grateful for what we have and share the love and kindness with one another.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G



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  1. gretzmom says:

    I love thankful thursday! This was so kind and gentle and a great reminder that more of that is needed. i try to do this because, yes, i have BRF – bitchy resting face- so i might be thinking, hm when am i meeting gretel but someone looks at me thinking, i can’t believe shes so mad about waiting for two minutes…so a smile always helps- and after you do smile, and see the other smiles, it makes you want to do it again! but please, do have a little mercy for the BRF – only a facelift will cure it and i’m not even sure about that!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. lbrown246 says:

    Susan, you crack me up. I think BRF may have to be a blog. Its a real problem and it gets in the way of our kindness. 🙂 Glad we were able to catch up today.


  3. yogaconstance says:

    I am smiling inside and out after reading the blog today:) Smiling is contagious you know???

    Liked by 1 person

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