Thankful Thursday: Friends

“When we honestly ask ourselves which person

A lot of my friends are going through big transitions right now. Some are watching their kids enter their senior year and they are searching for colleges. Some are having career changes and still others are watching what feels like their entire life walk in the other direction. It’s not an easy time. In fact, it has brought a lot of emotions to the surface and when we get together you never know what is going to come out!

If you read our blog at all you know I have had my own transition going on and while it’s all good, it has been difficult. The other day I was feeling pretty good about everything and I took a gift and some encouraging words over to my friend’s house. She was in the midst of making 150 burritos for a senior sunrise event. She told me straight up she was pretty weepy. In my most confident voice I told her I was totally fine, my girls were good and she could lean on me…and then I started to cry. What the hell? Where did that come from? I was supposed to be there for her! I may need to get a shirt that says, “No, it’s not menopause, my children just moved out” if I keep this up.

This same friend calls and asks every detail about what is going on in my life and I can tell her anything. She can tell me anything. We can brag, complain, cry, yell, whine and ask for advice and think nothing less of one another. We can talk multiple times a day or we can go a month, but she will always be my person.

I am fortunate because I have several friends that could fall into this category. We are one another’s work out partner, therapist, emergency contact, party like a rock star, stand by your side friend.
This week I am so thankful for these beautiful people I get to call my friend.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

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