Torture Report: Dengue Fever? Call Me Cleopatra

(L): Seriously, I sometimes feel as though I need an intervention. No, that is not an invitation so don’t send the cavalry. I can and will let anything derail me. I know, I know. I said last week that nothing was going to derail me and then I go and pick up my oldest from the airport and she is sick. Yes, she is 20 and doesn’t need her mama hovering over her, but she was really sick. And she had just returned from Haiti. And did I mention she was really sick? Seriously, when your adult child is crying and telling you that she has severe pain in her joints you start to wonder…does she have Dengue Fever? That and she has Type 1 Diabetes so yes I stayed home and hovered. I didn’t workout everyday. So there. The good news is that she did not have Dengue Fever or anything serious. I like to refer to it as her bout with the Haitian Flu and she is on the mend.

So, all that being said I did manage to get out a few days and I am back to my daily workouts this week. Even my neighbor who walks with me is happy to have me back, I think. So, yesterday I walked with her and I managed to do some leg work and ab work as well.
I am still down 7 pounds, nothing more, but holding steady. My youngest, being the only one at home now, has also decided we should participate in the Color Run in 2 weeks.


It’s Labor Day weekend so I guess I better get my mojo back very quickly and start running. At least it’s not a half marathon!


Saturday after my 8-mile jaunt at the park there was a brief tick alert. I decided it would be best to strip down in the garage.

(G): My training is officially in neutral and the engine is revving.

It’s one cliche after the other: two steps forward, one step back; girl interrupted; if you don’t kill someone.. wait that’s not how it goes.
I thought I’d gone through my seven stages of grief about not running for a bit and had deluded myself into thinking I was at acceptance.  It seems, however, that denial looks a lot like acceptance when it’s dominating you.
So for the next few weeks, I may answer to Cleo (you know, Cleopatra) and will be waiting for handsome men, scantily clad, to show up with feathered fans and grapes to peel.
Back to what’s really happening. I am walking, practicing yoga, and strength training when I can between these last-minute home improvement projects that I am trying to complete before Swaggy J’s parents arrive tomorrow. As I type this, my shower is about half clean, about half stripped of caulking, and I am about half-crazy (possibly full crazy) and the rest of our humble abode is … unclean.
I also got a little distracted with a concert Sunday night. I had to carbo load for that so I am ready for the rest of the week now!
I do feel that my anxiety about it all is giving me some weird sort of cardiovascular workout though so that can only be positive, right?
On the healing front, my epsom salt foot baths continue and I’ve hit my stride with weekly acupuncture appointments. I went on Saturday and got an awesome treatment. Between healing oils, Kundalini-chanting music and skillful needle application I was dropped into the sweet spot of happy zen places. When my time was up I felt great but wished I could stay all afternoon.
The old right foot is feeling better but not yet 100% so I am trying to be patient but that is going about as well as my grieving process. (Please see paragraph three).
Here’s to positive vibes, healing frequencies and a little more working out this week.
Sunshine & Sarcasm, 
Lowi & G
The Torture Report began in January 2014 as a weekly update of our journey to completing a 50-mile race. Since then it’s continued on to become a chronicle of how we try mightily to find fitness, health and sometimes the finish line. We aren’t always successful but we keep showing up and telling you all about it on Tuesdays.

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