Happiness Jars: Part 2


Last week, G explained why she keeps her Happiness Jar going. I think, like G, most of us want to embrace gratitude and happiness and be the kind of person who always sees the bright side.

I have been consciously trying to practice gratitude for many years now and the happiness jar is really just an outward sign of this practice. I have the jar sitting right beside my bed so that I have to look at it before I go to bed each night. Even when I don’t actually write what made me happy that day I make a mental note and even this small act of gratitude makes a big difference.

I do, however, put plenty of notes in my jar because I am grateful for the moment and I enjoy getting to remember it at the end of the year.

In a world that is constantly full of bad news I also need the reminder that life is pretty darn good. It’s easy to watch the news or read the newspaper and believe that there are no longer any good people or good things happening. I don’t want to be the jaded, negative, salty girl in the room. Okay, I know I have those tendencies, but gratitude is my antidote and it’s not too late for you to get on the bandwagon. Just jot down what you are grateful for each night and toss it into your happiness jar. You’ll be glad you did!

Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

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