Life Lesson: Before You Listen to Someone’s Dream, Read This!


For some reason we only love dream followers in theory. We’re only “all for it” after we know how it works out in the end. When it’s still to be determined or it turns out another way we call it foolish, we call it failure. But is it? Is living on peanut butter sandwiches for a year to follow your dream any less brave or amazing if it doesn’t work out? Is it only cool and avant-garde to live in your car for your art if later you’re a millionaire painter?

If you really, honestly, without judgment, think about it, the first step IS success.

You’ve decided to swim upstream.

You’ve decided to go where your heart tells you.

You’ve decided to go against a constant barrage of critique, commentary and naysayers.

You’re doing, if we’re brutally honest about it, what the rest of us are too damn scared to do.

In fact it’s so true that I will say it again: The rest of us are TOO SCARED!!

But that fear often manifests into judgment because subconsciously it makes us feel better. It soothes our own too tender egos and helps us to forget our own uncharted paths that have collected dust. That’s painful, so often we lash out a little too quickly, a little too dismissively with flip comments.

I have done it many a time and it’s not something that makes me proud. But as I get older, and hopefully a wee bit wiser, I am learning to recognize when someone’s striving has hit my fear nerve.

It’s hit the vulnerable spot in me that knows they are doing something I was or am far too afraid to do: Try.

So what do we do? Let’s start by doing more things that scare us. Let’s do more things that make our mouths run dry and our pulse race.
Let’s DO!

And the next time you hear about someone running off on what seems to you like a crazy path, ask yourself: Who’s talking? Fear or Love?

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

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