Thankful Thursday: What We All Bring to the Table

Giving &Receiving

Lately I’ve been considering what I bring to the table in my life. What do I contribute? Whether it’s at work, within my family, to my friends and to my community as a whole; what do I add? And maybe more importantly, what do I take?

This whole concept was further fueled by a conversation with a friend as she said she likes to hear from others what they are doing to make the world a better place. What I loved about that is she went on to say even if that means taking your kids to do something special or teaching them well… that’s doing your part.

It occurs to me how easy it is to become quite self-involved in my life, my stuff, my wants, my needs, my, my, my my. You get the point.

Once that’s set before you there are two basic ways to go on this dirt road: Toward awareness and change, if needed, or toward self-loathing of how you don’t do enough and that turns into me, me, me, me. (Oops maybe wrong direction)

Each morning I’ve been considering what I am bringing to the table whether in casual conversation or in work-related interactions. Am I making someone feel better, feel heard or not? Do I let them know by my words and my actions that they matter? I hope so, although I’m sure I get caught up in myself and miss those moments as often as not.

I believe that our 100 Days of Happiness can be a part of this as it grows my awareness every day. It’s a reminder every 24 hours to be on the lookout for what brings goodness and it doesn’t need to be about our own personal windfall. Others’ happiness is powerful and transformational just being in its presence.

Show up at the table, give and receive, then take a moment to reflect on it all.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G


P.S. If you haven’t had the opportunity to read Sheryl Sandberg’s most recent essay on Facebook we encourage you to do so. She’s eloquent, honest, raw and real as she talks about her loss. She’s teaching us all about grief by letting us into hers.

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