Life Lesson: Channel Your Inner Sara Bareilles!

The other morning while at the gym there was a woman on the treadmill rocking out and singing along. As I first heard her vocal chords operating in an octave they weren’t designed for I smiled to myself.
Partly thinking, I can’t imagine ever doing that outside of my own home.
And secondly, she clearly wasn’t a classically trained vocalist and yet it didn’t appear to matter to her at all.
Plenty of showers across the nation host concerts of one each morning and nobody cares. So why not treadmills?

In the midst of all this, I did decipher that she was singing “Brave” by Sara Bareilles.

From this performance, I was getting an idea of “how big her brave is.” I thought about it several times throughout the day and I loved it even more as I pondered it.

Honestly, she is not a singer. I don’t really want to listen to her sing and yet I, oddly, was enamored by her carefree approach. She was rocking out, on the treadmill, getting her workout on and entertaining herself completely lacking in self consciousness.

While not pleasing to my ears per se, isn’t that what we all want? Don’t we all want to be free to be ourselves? We all want to be free of fear, insecurity, second-guessing. We all want the opportunity to make our way, make our mark on the world in our own way. Be bold, be brave, and sing off key on the treadmill if you need to.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

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