Walk This Way!

Photo Cred: MLIVE.com Steven Tyler

So, you are focused, you know what is on your list, what’s not on your list and you have taken time to breathe. Now what? Well, we get back to the business of working on our goals or as Steven Tyler says, “Walk this way!”

Many of us know what it would look like if we actually succeeded in reaching our goal. We would have a successful business, we would run a great marathon, we would be 20 pounds lighter, we would have our degree, you name it. The tough part is finding the directions. Oftentimes in coaching we start from the end. We walk/talk it through backward and then we know what our first step looks like.

For example, when G and I set out to train for a 5K, marathon or even 50 miles we don’t just go out and run some crazy amount on the first day. We have a plan. We look at the date of the race, how many miles we are going to run, count how many weeks we have to train, decide the longest amount of miles we want to train, how many times and when the last long training run will be before the taper. Then we gather more information such as training guides from other runners, our average speed, what makes sense, what doesn’t and then we begin to put a plan together. Are you getting the idea? We work backward from where we want to be and create a plan. It’s the same no matter what your goal. Perhaps you want to get your degree. Once you know the kind of degree, you gather the information needed to understand the time it will take, the classes you will need, where you want to go, what the cost will be, etc… You don’t just walk up to a university and tell them you want a degree and would like to start today.

We need to understand our goal and create a plan before we can begin in order to increase our chances of success. Maybe your goal seems less concrete than creating a training plan? Perhaps your goal needs more definition so you understand how you want to feel once you get there. Need help learning how to walk backward? Email G at amillerbarton@gmail.com or Lowi at lbrowncoaching@gmail.com for a complementary coaching session.

Next week we inspire you to get started!

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

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