Torture Report: A Year of Sharing Our Fitness Quest

(G) It’s been quite a year for us in the Torture Report. We have climbed on the wagon, hung on for dear life, fallen off, jumped off and some variations in between.
It’s been a wild ride of ups and downs and this week has really been no different.

Squat challenge
Wow, this is a tough one. I’ve stuck with it but it’s been a difficult sell on some days. This week, I even managed to crank out my required number on both Christmas Eve and Christmas day. Admittedly, it was a struggle and part of what got me to do it was knowing I’d have to tell of you that I didn’t. Peer pressure isn’t always bad.

I have still been racking up miles every day although I did give myself a little holiday gift of doing only 2 miles on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and I walked both days. I think it’s good if you are going to do miles every day that you throw a little walking in. Do you like how I rationalized that?


Just a little sugar
Ahem… OK so on Christmas Day I indulged and had a cinnamon roll. It was really good and I enjoyed every bit of it. Then the next day, you know Boxing Day, I had another one! Technically it’s a holiday. But since then I am back off the sugar crack. It feels good to be able to take it or leave it. Although I did really want to eat another one on Saturday. Really bad. So possibly I am not thoroughly cured.


I can’t believe that a new year is upon us again. It seems like time speeds up at certain times of the year and then when I sit with my accountant in March time slows to molasses pace. When I do a 45 second plank it feels like it might never end. Time is a tricky little sucker.
Anyway, we already have some pretty good ideas about the new year but we’ll wait to share those next week. That’s code for I am not really sure just exactly what I want to commit to this year.

(L) Tis the last Torture Report for the year and all through the house I was whining about running and squats!

Christmas week is generally one of the most challenging weeks for me to get my butt off of the sofa and outside. This week was no exception, but I am happy to report that I was able to talk myself outside everyday. Okay, really it was my dog that convinced me to get my body up, out, over the mountains and around the lake each day. I haven’t been able to stick to my 3 miles everyday as it has been ccccccold here in the mountains.

Even my dog wouldn’t look at the camera as the wind was blowing right into our faces!


We have probably received about a foot of snow the last week, which has made running a little difficult and I don’t even want to talk about the ice that is EVERYWHERE. It’s beautiful though and there is no place I would rather be this time of year.


The squat challenge is almost complete although the transformation of my posterior is definitely not. We have done this challenge multiple times the last year and it never gets easier, but each time I think I will keep doing them because they really don’t take that long. I will let you know when this feeling passes.

So, how do I feel after a year of Torture Reports? Not like I had hoped. I really thought after the 50-miler that I would be able to keep my trend going. While it’s not like I am dead and buried under the wagon I am not exactly where I had hoped I would be. I feel like things were good up until August and then things went a little haywire around here. I still have a tendency to put my needs last after everyone.  And there have been a lot of needs the last few months at my house. The New Year does not look any less busy. My goal as I move into 2015 is to really get myself healthy, amp up my training so I am ready for the Outrun in May, and not get overwhelmed with the busyness of the year, but more on that later…

Bring it 2015!

Sunshine, Sarcasm and Looking Forward to the New Year,

Lowi & G

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