Torture Report: PocaLoca and the Taurus making changes!

At the AWESOME Outrun 24 where we did 50 miles!!! April 26, 2014

(G) There is a point of balance when it comes to being a regular exerciser or being a rigid, unbending runner perpetually in training. Let’s just say I haven’t quite figured out what that point is. I don’t know how many days you can miss until you are no longer a regular exerciser. And I don’t know how many days you can miss and it’s just called being human.

I am always reluctant to miss a day, not so much because I think that one day matters, it’s more about what happens when one day turns to 3, turns into 10 days that I haven’t trained. The fact is that there are plenty of reasons, actual legitimate reasons, every day to NOT exercise. There are plenty of valuable ventures that are equally important. So it leaves me to question how I find balance in this world of ultra running?

I am usually training for a race. In my wacka-doo mind, either you are training or you’re not. You’re ready or your not. But I am starting to recognize that possibly I am experiencing some mental burn out. And more accurately, I am not entirely sure how to moderate. I don’t know how to be anything but ALL IN or ALL OUT. And don’t get me wrong I really love to train and on my off days I really love to lounge around.

Is it my Taurean nature of being part stubborn and equal parts heel-digger-inner? It seems I am an extremist in some ways. I mentioned this to Johnny Armani and he nodded in a way that made it clear he’s known this for quite some time.

So what’s the difference in pushing through and getting it done and knowing when it’s enough for today?

If you are going to be an ultra runner you have be able to dig in and gut it out. If I never do that in training how will I do it in a race? This is the conundrum I have. Or is all this mental wrangling really just the issue that you can only push, grind, test, and will yourself into distances that scare you for so long until you need a break?

So as hard as it was for me to accept that I am in need of a mental break, I know that it’s time to reconfigure my program. I have been “in-training” for something for nearly a year.

Starting November 2013 at the Fuzzy Fandango 25K. You’ll see I was really into my purple pullover last year. But if it works don’t mess with it, right?
Post-Fandango, I may or may not have been drinking an adult beverage!


The Huff 50K December 29, 2013.
And lastly, Howl at the Moon 8-Hour Race August 9, 2014!

















It’s time to reconsider what I think of as training and be willing to let the rest of the year unfold as it wants to.

Does that mean I am not running at all? No way!!!

What it does mean is that I backing off. I don’t need to run 20 plus miles every Saturday. I don’t need to do two long back-to-back training runs every weekend.

It means that while in exercise it’s important to listen to your body, it’s also important to listen to your mind. As many of you know endurance sports are more mental than anything.

Does that mean the torture report is going light? Absolutely not!!! But it will be torturous in new ways. You’ll be seeing, I would imagine, a return of Yogini. OMG! Possibly, P90X if Lowi talks me into it. Plus more standing on my head, instead of running on my feet.

Who knows where this new path will go but most definitely it will be something to “report” on.

(L) Where is PocaLoca?


That’s a good question.  I have been asking myself that same question for a while now.  I did manage to walk 21 miles this week.  Oh how far I have fallen…I have been plugging away at my AB challenge as well which quite frankly is not helping my back issue.  I am pretty sure the injury I sustained last fall is back in full swing.  It’s not to the point where I need to lay flat on my back, but there are moments when that sounds very appealing.

As we move into our 31 days of Savoring October tomorrow I am realizing that another intention for me is to appreciate, nurture and love my body rather than being impatient, stubborn and annoyed.

Deep Breath…

On this note, I am finding the Meditative stretching in the morning, while absolutely necessary, to be such a fabulous way to ease into each day.  When I wake up I go downstairs away from the bustle of the showers and hairdryers and just stretch.  I am definitely going to keep this routine going.

So, back to the original question of where has PocaLoca gone?  I am here and I am motivated… my body just hasn’t been in agreement.  This week, while I plan to stretch, foam roll, ice and care for my back I am going to be experimenting with some run/walk days on the treadmill because I need to start training in earnest again!  I’ll keep you posted!

Photo cred. I<3 to run

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G


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