Re-Membering: Using our energy toward peace, hope & love

%22Peace is a journey of a thousand miles

Last week G, my family, and hundreds of thousands of people gathered online together to meditate, pray and sit quietly in the name of peace. Since that time a lot has happened in the world and in our little microcosm of the universe. There is so much ugliness, sadness and hatred and the atrocities against humanity are unbearable. It is so overwhelming that it makes you want to crawl back under the covers most days and never come out.
Last week during the online gathering, Deepak Chopra spoke about these things and urged us to not stay under the covers, but to pray or meditate on peace.

He said, “As Mahatma Gandhi said, ‘Be the change you want to see in the world.’ Be Peace.” It feels like such a small thing when we wake up and see the latest news, but it’s a step toward change.

“The world is at all times as we are,” Deepak explained.

All this unsettling news can leave us feeling dis-assembled, scattered and scared. It often gives us the impression that our actions, in our lives, in our corner of the world do not matter. But they do. They matter. They make ripples that become waves.

If the word is ‘as we are,’ let’s each decide what that is. Is it love, peace, harmony, laughter, light …

As we meditated last Friday, Deepak defined re-membering as “something (that) has been dis-membered and needs to be re-assembled or re-membered. Our world and our lives feel dis-membered, let’s re-member together. Let’s assemble our hope, our peace and our love. And most importantly let’s share it with each other.

Mostly Peace,

Lowi & G

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