Baby Lisa


Okay, so we think its time to introduce you to our other sister.  We affectionately call her, baby Lisa.  She also answers to Sissy, Aunt Sissy, mom and Hey.

Many of you are wondering where her voice is in this chaos of a blog.  She is the smart one.  She has a real job, a real life and earns a real living.  G and I are still striving to find all of the above.  She reads our nonsense or at least says she is reading it.  She may be a contributor someday but not everyone has an affinity for making fun of themselves, so there are no guarantees.

Baby Lisa was married this year.  I can honestly say it was an awesome wedding, we all had a blast and we have photos to prove it.  However, there were some seriously, ridiculous, blog worthy moments that happened leading up to the nuptials. We are within minutes of leaving for the church.  The house is a frenzy with squealing young girls, women trying to get their make up finished and some very helpful husbands loading the bus with dresses.


Wait, we are missing a dress and a pair of shoes.  Count again…

Do we have the cooler? Check.

Do we have the bride’s daughter? Check.

Where is the missing dress?

Smoke alarm begins to go off.  What?  Why?  We are now climbing on chairs disabling the smoke detectors to no avail because they are hardwired to the system.

Bride is freaking out.

Call husband to be and alarm company simultaneously.

Still, no peace…

Twenty minutes later the alarm is still blaring full blast.  We decide to leave because there is no fire and the wedding is on.

The missing dress is found and as we begin to file out the front door the alarm ceases.  Yay!

It’s a good omen.

Five minutes into the bus ride, Ava, the daughter of the bride, begins to cry and says she forgot her tiara.  Tiara?  I didn’t know she was wearing a tiara.  We can fix this without telling the bride.  She is a little stressed and her make up already needs a touch up.  Whisperings and phone calls ensue to find the tiara.  It is finally decided that we need to know if the tiara is essential for the pre-wedding photos.  I ask Baby Lisa, aka THE BRIDE.

Wait for it…

She says, “what tiara?”


So, it turns out that the tiara was a gift from the groom, it was a non-essential item, but wanted desperately.  Aforementioned helpful husbands come to the rescue and bring tiara only to have the daughter of the bride decline to walk down the aisle in favor of passing out programs with her cousins.


Whew!  It’s not easy being a diva, Ava!


So, don’t feel sorry for Baby Lisa.  She is most definitely part of the chaos.  Although, I did recently hear that she is currently accepting applications for her replacement.

Inquire within!


Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

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  1. Helene says:

    Thanks for sharing the pictures. Love the one of Ava dancing!


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