About Us



Thanks for wanting to get to know us… the feeling is mutual. As you may have guessed we’re Lowi & G. Already you maybe asking if our mother was under some sort of “influence” or “recreational substance” upon naming us. While we can’t rule that out, Lowi and G come from some of the great relationships we have in life. These are the names we have inherited from our nieces. In our regular lives, we are Lori and Angela.
Lori’s daughters gave, Angela, the name G. And our niece,  Ava, rounded out the nicknames with Lowi for Lori (as in LO-EE)!
While they’ve grown up, and thankfully their language skills are much better, the loving monikers have remained.

We are sisters by chance and friends by choice.
We are sarcastic, striving and struggling zen masters. Through the years, growing up together, and continuing to grow up after we moved away from home, we have had similar hopes and goals.
We are committed to happiness, living fulfilling lives, feeling good enough, getting help and helping others.

Peace & Gratitude,

Lowi & G

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